Which smart security camera is best for your home?


More and more devices can now be controlled remotely by your smartphone, and the same goes for security cameras. Indoor and outdoor cameras, with or without support for microSD or cloud services, which can be operated with voice commands, are examples of some features that you should pay attention to when deciding which is the right device for you.

So, what do you want to do with your smart cam?

First of all, why did you decide to buy a smart camera? This may seem like a simple question, but it is an important one. Do you need a camera inside or outside, do you want to monitor your children while you are in another room, or do you simply want to have peace of mind while you are not at home?

There are several devices designed for different purposes. Once you know the reasons why you need a smart cam, then you can focus on specific types:

AndroidPIT Nest outdoor security cam 3902Outside or inside the house? / © AndroidPIT

The brand counts

Why is the brand important? For the simple fact that some manufacturers like Nest, for example, have been working in this sector for a long time and are producing quality and above all, safe products. This means that you can rest assured about the release of software updates and the security of your data. It is better to do a few checks before jumping in on an unknown brand with an attractive price.

The release of updates, in addition to making the device safer, also allows you to introduce new features over time, while keeping your device “young”.

Functions: Video quality, saving and paid services

The main purpose of a smart cam is to monitor a room and notify you in the event of an intrusion. These are the basic functions but as specified above, each brand and every single device offers different functionalities. Some surveillance cameras are able to autonomously rotate when the sensors perceive an unexpected movement or noise. Others can only be rotated manually, which could be a problem in a large, uneven room. Also check for infrared sensors for night vision.

One aspect to consider is undoubtedly the quality of the videos: for some users it is essential to have videos in high resolution while for others even simple clips or photos are sufficient, so remember to check the functions and specifications. Many smart cams offer a resolution of 720 pixels, and some can have a resolution of 1080 pixels.

Check if the camera allows you to save video footage on microSD card or in the cloud. In some cases, the brand offers the possibility to pay a monthly subscription to access the complete history, and instant notifications with lots of photos or short clips, for example. Then check if you need a subscription to fully use the smart cam you are considering and, if so, consider if you are willing to open your wallet for this additional expense.

AndroidPIT nest cam iq 9843 The Nest Cam IQ, for example, requires a Nest aware subscription in order to use all of the features / © AndroidPIT

Voice commands in smart cams, compared to other smart home devices, are not yet so common, but even security devices are entering the world of Alexa, Assistant and Siri. The interaction with security cameras via voice commands is certainly different from what we have seen for example with lights and moreover, we should limit the use of voice commands to certain users and functions to avoid compromising the functionality related to security of the camera itself.

The app

Most smart cams are available for Android and iOS but in some cases you can access the desktop website to review videos, for example. One aspect not to be overlooked is the interface of the app as this is the window to access the camera.

Make sure that the app has everything you need in the main functions such as, the activation of the microphone, night vision, notifications via email / smartphone, access to video in real time, the possibility to stop a possible sound alarm, facial recognition, and more.

Compatibility with other devices

Integration with other devices is important. Via a hub or the IFTTT channel, devices of different brands can communicate with each other.


How much do you want to spend on your smart cam? Budget matters, but on average, the smart surveillance cameras cost an average of 200 dollars. There are obviously more expensive or cheaper solutions, such as the Reolink we tested, depending on the features offered and the materials used for the assembly.

AndroidPIT reolink cam review 2144 Choosing which smart cam to buy is an important decision  / © AndroidPIT

Which smart cam is the best?

Before providing you with a list of what we believe are the best intelligent surveillance cameras, we will take some time to test others and provide you with a more comprehensive and detailed overview.

If you have already done your research, you will have noticed that Nest is probably the dominant one on the market. Working hand in hand with Google, you can rest assured that your device will be up-to-date with the latest software, as well as being a high quality device. With a nest camera, you know that you are getting a reliable product.

Before buying a security camera, think about the use you want to make of it; and keep in mind that the budget options may not always be the best choice.

Do you already use a surveillance camera? If so, what kind?

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