Torchlight OL – TH v1.31 Mod APK


Torchlight OLTorchlight OL

Torchlight OL – TH v1.31 Mod apk for Android.

Won the Mobile Game Award 2015 in Espoo Game of E3 America.
Won the Mobile Game Award 2015 in Espoo mayor’s Gamescom in Germany.
Mobile Game Award of the Year 2015 from GC France.
Games Torchlight (I / II) series, this game is known as one of the ARPG games, the best in the world.
The game inherits the essence of Diablo true.
Game Features:
– swarming skill independent -.
4 professional career after a professional fight and prevention. Each profession will have 6 main skill. Matching skills together, get a new skill up.
Players can match based strategy combat. Or match the recommended. Touch phenomenon replay Never before has

– Go to how to play Dungeon Classic -.
Back to how to play Dungeon computer! Device random drop Is waiting for all players. In each fight
We are not playing random cards that players can not see the games, what you see is what you get!
The struggle satisfied Supply situation and have oodles of money. Is an experienced adventurer for everyone.

– a super fight -.
We reject the contention stupid. “It is with the” game is the action to “walk on” experience fun adventures together.
Fishing provides a hidden treasure box. The trick Which is filled with the exotic. Making each fight to remember.

– The Random Map workshop -.
Map workshop can view maps and monsters randomly. By compiling a map
According to the characteristics of each map takes a different adventure.
Indeed, the brave You can take on the challenge of the unknown. Fun random search is not much more is waiting for you.

– companions in the adventure does not have to play anymore Stand-alone -.
This is not fighting alone. Pet strong cast double-hit rich and major boss was alone, he was not playing. Matisse called it the dungeon as well. Have fun together

Torchlight OL mod apk

Mod info:

– 1 hit kill
– God mode

Download [Google Play] – This game is in Thai

Torchlight OL – TH v1.31 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

Download Torchlight English version mod here


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