OnePlus 3T: all the problems and their solutions


The OnePlus 3T has pretty much succeeded in taking over from its older brother, the OnePlus 3. Unfortunately, like every other smartphone on the market, these two devices have not been immune to software or hardware problems. Here we look at some of the main issues that have plagued the OnePlus 3T, and give you the details on the available solutions (at least when there are available solutions!). 

Deactivating GPS and rotation

Every time you activate the power saving mode on the OnePlus 3T, your GPS and rotation mode are immediately disabled. This is a problem, and sadly there are currently no solutions which will resolve the issue. For the moment, the only thing you can do is reactivate these options manually after they have been disabled. 

Play Store

Have you tried to download an app whilst roaming only to find it doesn’t work? OnePlus is aware of the problem, and claims that you can resolve this by following these instructions on Google Play Help and/or activating the power saving mode and resetting the Play Store options. 

There is a chance that AVG AntiVirus, Paytm or Truecaller apps may block the download. You can get around this by disabling them before you download. 

Contact display

Looking to call one of your contacts and noticed they are listed twice in your list? This is a known bug that (for the moment) has no solution. 

Vibrate mode

Some users have been having some issues activating the vibrate mode on their devices. No need to panic, OnePlus hasn’t removed this function but it is not particularly easy to find on Android Nougat. 

When you switch to silent (with the notifications button), a notifications window appears at the top. On the end of the right hand-side you’ll see the settings gear icon; press on this and you will be given other options. Select the “Enable vibration” option and your worries will be over.

OnePlus3T Silent Switching your OnePlus 3T to vibrate is easy. / © AndroidPIT

LED charging notifications

In the settings you are able to customize the color of your LED notifications according to your apps, battery status or charging status. One of the main problems in this area is that the charging color always remains blue, no matter how you customize it. Unfortunately, for the time being, there is no solution for this particular issue. That said, you will still receive LED notifications when you are charging your device. 

Launching the split screen

For many smartphones all you need to do to launch the split screen is long press the home button. This function is available on the OnePlus 3T, but it is not done by default as the key is connected to another function. All you need to do is simply go to “Settings” and scroll down to “Buttons.” Go to “Recent Buttons” and select “Open/Close split screen” to “Long press.”

OnePlus3T SplitScreen The splitscreen works, it just needs the right button! / © AndroidPIT

Battery life following an update

So you’ve just installed an update and you get the impression that your smartphone is not as efficient as it was in the past. No need to worry, maybe it’s not a bug. If the problem persists you can always leave a message on the OnePlus forum


Some OnePlus and OnePlus 3T users have written in different forums and other platforms that they have experienced latency issues when using the touchscreen. Users have noticed there is some sort of tactile lag between pressing the screen and your device reacting. 

This is not a major problem in itself since the system is still fast, but there is still a noticeable difference in some situations (usually following a prolonged interaction with the screen) and does have an impact on the overall user experience. OnePlus is aware of the issue and is looking into developing a solution, so an update should come along soon to correct the problem. 

Have you noticed any other issues on your OnePlus 3T that we haven’t listed here? Have you managed to develop some solutions yourself that might resolve some of these problems? Let us know in the comments below.

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