LG G6: towards the end of the modular system?


While the LG G5 is about to celebrate its six-month since commercialization, its manufacturer is already busy working on its successor, the LG G6. For the time being little is still known, but what we do know about the South Korean giant’s next high-end smartphone is explained here. According to several industry sources, LG will also abandon the modular system.

LG G6: new technologies will not be ready for the launch

The Chosun Korean site started reporting several interesting details on the LG G6. Unfortunately, LG will not be able to count on several of its new technologies, especially when it comes to the screen. We likely won’t be seeing a curved screen but rather a completely flat slab. The mistake, insufficient production for the LG G6 launch. 

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The LG G4 is still the South-Korean brand’s most successful smartphone

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Wireless charging seems to also be one of the manufacturer’s problems. LG may have decided to adopt a new technology to recharge a metal smartphone via remote induction (up to 7 cm). The aluminium shell may be covered in tempered glass.

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LG G6: the end of module system?

Last year, LG had based its G5 on the modularity principle. The smartphone therefore allows for the addition of modules attached directly via the bottom of the smartphone. However, the approach was complicated and required a restart of the smartphone, in addition to the time needed to remove the battery. Lenovo has been able to a better implementation with the Moto Z.

AndroidPIT lenovo moto z review 3563 The Moto Z introduced a simpler system for modularity. © AndroidPIT

According to ETNews, LG has, by the way, seriously considered abandoning the modular system. The South Korean brand would like to take less risk so as to avoid a new failure. However, a spokesperson from the company has explained that such a decision could not be taken and rumors of a final design are inaccurate.

“We have not made any decisions and everything is only speculation at the moment. We are still tending to the needs and expectations of our current and potential customers.”

LG G6: realese date and price

Finally, LG will present its new flagship as of the beginning of 2017. Two dates are possible: the CES at the beginning of January 2017 in Las Vegas or the MWC at the end of March 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. In terms of tariff, on the other hand, no information was leaked, though it is in all likelihood that the smartphone will be at high prices, about $ 699.

The presentation is expected at the beginning of 2017 at the CES or MWC

What would you like to see at the next LG flagship?

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